Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day With Fizie

Fizie back to "kampung" after a few month his parents having a crazy buzy day. Our last meeting is went we going to Tioman Island together on the March. On our last meeting, he still "merangkak" and could't understand what i'm said. But now, he can walk, talkative, and having many "pe'el. He like to make cute dance when he listining a song from radio or TV. And for your information, Fizie is the big fans of Stacy, Hafiz AF7 and Lee Choong Wei. He like to act like Choong Wei play badminton on the "Piala Thomas".

9.00 am : Fizie wake up in the morning and play with Mak Tok's telephone. Having call with his Baba.

10.00 am : Taking shower with Mak Tok. Keep making water splash until Mak Tok "basah".

10.30 am : Playing at Mak Tok's office while waiting Mak Tok finished her work.

11.00 am : Playing in Mak Tok's car while waiting Mak Tok went to Bank.

11.30 am : Tired waiting Mak Tok! Let have a bottle of milk!!

6.00 pm : Went to kebun Tok Ayah. Fizie so excited until fell down. He seem want to swim in the river.

6.30 pm : Fizie playing with Pak Usu's ketty.

6.45 pm : "Main cecah-cecah kaki" at Tok Ayah's pond. The fish bite his feet. But he still smile even "geli".

Aunty Farra always waiting Fizie!
Love You!!


azuan said...

best maen ngan budak kecik3 nie ekeke..

Cik Bumble bee said...

azuan :
ok la... bOring2. layan jugak!