Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Current activity : Eating Twisties while online.

We had go through for our final presentation on the last Monday. As I said in my status "My weekend full of Alpha watercolour and brushers". Damn. I doesnt have a any sweet dream at all. Keep thingking to finish all the drawing and colouring. 

Hopefully I can get the beautiful week after final presentation. But I cant, cos a alot of project need to be redo as soon as possible. See? Where my life?

But now, I'm trying to get some time to get a very sweet dream. Just now I commit to dream my life full of Pizza odour. Yeah! Its such a sweet dream rather than dream for maggie cup, right?

I find a funny images from FB:

These is what accually happen. But, I still need face all those situation until final year or it will never end. It the risk that I take from the first day I click to chooce this course. I'm ok insyaallah. 

Nota ibu jari kaki: All landscape architecture students now not in good condition. Fever attact!!!!