Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My New Journey

Current activity : Print out everything needed for 4th Sept.

This is my biggest present for my hard work for 1 and the half year. (*Senyum lebar)

Start from that moment i'll become a big girl. I'll lef my lovely parents, brother. Confort bed and pillows. Left my dearest dear and friends.

I'm start tune my mood to become a cool "mahasiswi" ever and put aside RAYA mood for the 2nd year. (*Sedih). How come!!!

Finish print out all documents. Need to bank in the fees and make a medical check up ASAP!

Useful information :
Nesha : UiTM, Bandar Hilir Melaka (Sains Pentadbiran).
Aalia : UIAM, Gombak (Teknologi Matlumat).
Shitty : UniMAP
Safar : UniMAS (Sains Sosial)
Dayah : UTM, Skudai (Phycology).

Nota ibu jari kaki : It is i'll feel the name of "Home sick" is?


Nadiah Jasma said...

*BIG SMILE for you

Cik Nesha said...

hey you, dont get sad lah...only 2 hour that seperate you from your strong!

Miss FarraAqua said...

kesat air mate.

Syahida Hamidon said...

u got better offer than me..(T__T)
so raise up ur handla.. hu3.. by d way, i got bussiness-entepreneur engg