Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Can't Pretent Anymore!

God! We are start counting a big day. But what should we do? Study hard? Make revision all over the time? Pray to Allah? Sit quitely and read all the books? Remamber all formulas and facts? And leave everything behind?

Ya, I'm not satify with my trial result. Thank god, all pass. But, I does't want just a 'pass' but a flying colour result, may be. My pointer drop drastically compred to my Formal 2 result. But stagnant if I compred to Formal 1 and Mid Year exam.

I admit, I not perform well in Trial exam. Raya Fever!! I can't ignore Raya just like that! It Raya, man! We should celebrate it. Going out until forget to make revision. Ya, IT ME! No, but the real me acually!

And now, I trying to find my STPM mood. Bring it close to my mine. Keep it tidely in my heard. Where, STPM (Sijil TerPayah Malaya)is just around the corner. If we count the day, it just left 45 days. God! I'm start shivering!

I'm still remamber when I took PMR 3 or 4 years ago. When I doing revision I will wrote a magical name in the paper that will bring a spirit to me for read and read the book from page to page. But, when te person leave from my life. I'm start lost my rhythm to study. Damn, right?

But, now I have find one! Very handsome! Gorgouse! Sexy! Uhhh I can't pretent anymore! Sorry, SUB now I can easily erase your name and replace to new magical word it is "Zac Efron".

I will save my money for not eat a week at the school during "reses" time. Will not going to stationary shop to buy any cute book mark. And not top-up my phone for a week. It because, I want to wacth this movie!! 3 times! Back to back! Just for you Zac Efron. I'm going crasy now!!

Let we chill out with this movie. Make it like exam therapy. ^_^

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