Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Accually I Want?

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She drive a sport car. I'm driving a cute local car. She bring a branded bag. I'm just holding a cheap bag without any brand. She using the intelligent phone. I'm just on call with my pinkwhite phone without advanced sofware. She ware the expensive shoes and i just wearing slippers.

How far our gap accually?

Sometime all this situations can make me and other women feel her self not confident to be friend with the people who have a all the hot staffs. Feel unlucky and useless. DAMN. 

But, you know what Allah will give the things like rahmat, rezeki, etc according to his servent capable to hadle. See, Allah very love us but we never say Alhamdulillah even once. Masyaallah. 

For me, not all rich people have a happy family. Because pleasure also one of the conjecture from Allah. And dont we simply thing a poor people held the hard time for every single time. It also conjecture from Allah. If we alway recite Alhamdulillah and dua to Allah insyallah we'll get keberkatan and happy life.  

Orang sering kata "Bahagia itu membuatkan kita bersyukur, Tetapi syukur yang sebenarnya itu membuatkan kita bahagia"

Lets spent 86,000 second that we have in the whole day to recite ALHAMDULILLAH even once. 

Nota ibu jari kaki: Setiap manusia ada bahagian masing-masing. 

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Cik Nesha said...

good! awesome entry. very love it. jom GCB~~ xda kena mengena pun.