Monday, November 15, 2010

This is our last gathering before we sit for our STPM next week! Before this "Project Nasi Lemak" was posponed for a many time because of several problems. So, we decided " by hook or by crook" we should held this project. The Mastermind for this project is our beloved gorgouse form teacher Madam Vasanthi.

She had cooked a delicious Nasi Lemak (Indian version) and cute cupcakes for us! Great! And the others class members were brought Rendang, nuggets, cakes, nuts, sambal, popia, etc. Kenyang giler!

Projek Nasi Lemak Part 1: Lapa Giler, I decided to put all my classmates overwhelming face. Thank dear, cos very sporting to show ur "chomel" face infront the camera. Every snap is beautiful.

Milah. BTP (Bina tak bina)

Aalia. Single and avilable! Isi borang beratur panjang.

Ainaa aka Mrs Chef

Amira Naziha. The funny girl. Blur~

Dayah. Cute and smart. Always come out with big sound.Horror!

Unknown. Our class monitor. Buruk!

Faris. Ngada-ngada manja anak bongsu

Fatin. Driving purple dark Saga.

Hanesha. Funny n cute little girl.
EiqaWan. Our prefect.

Kalai. Handsome Indian boy. Many girl including me admiring him. ^_^

Nana. Sweet simple girl.

Atuk. Always come out with harsh words but have a beautiful heart.
Syafiqah. The most beautiful Malay student in the school. In relationship. Sorry.
Yogen. Casanova! Has a long list of girlfriends name.

Sorry Hua Jing Jing and Eun because I does't have your picture. But I/we still remamber both of you, cute girls.

  • Camera subsidi daripada Hanesha. Pink Conon.
  • I'm trying to make a batter banner like a "Projek Nasi Lemak" (above). Still work hard to sharp my skill. Computing class just teach me how to built a programming code, database system and just a basic topic of multimedia was taught. Try and error.

Activity : Menangkap nyamuk bertebangan. Damn! continue

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